Time and Money


Time and money. You never have enough of either, right? I agree. I wish I could stop time, and a limitless bank account would sure be nice. Unfortunately neither of these are options, but what’s more important when it comes to making a living for yourself and escaping the rat-race?

I read something the other day that really inspired. It was on the blog of Pat Flynn, one of the most inspiration bloggers and nine-to-five-escapers out there. I don’t have an exact quote, but he was talking about time, money and priorities. Everybody has to pay the bills, and as always I have to be careful what I say about money, but what Pat said really inspired me. Basically, he pointed out a distinct difference between time and money; time is limited, and (within reason) money is not limited. Think about it, every minute that passes is one you will never get back. Gone. Bar the invention of time travel the past will forever be the past and those minutes are ticking off your life clock. Money, on the other hand, you can always get more money. I don’t mean to make it sound patronisingly easy to get your hands on money, but you can always get a job if you need to, or find new ways to create money. Don’t be afraid to accidentally waste some money trying to make something happen for yourself, be afraid to waste your time. Study the following scenarios…

Harry is 23. He has worked full time since high school. Harry has a little money saved, and every year he tells himself he’s going to quit his job and use his savings to become a photographer, his dream job. He plans to quit in January, but after an expensive festive period decides ‘just three more months’ in his job. Three months pass and Harry’s car breaks down, which means a big bill. Harry says ‘just three more months’ again. When he thinks about quitting again it’s the middle of the year, and Harry decides to wait until the new year, fresh year, fresh start. Repeat ad infinitum. It might take a catastrophe or a new spin on life for Harry to decide that there are more important things in life than knowing he has a comfort blanket, who knows how long this will take. Every ‘three months’ Harry decides not to take the plunge, he’s wasting time where he could be building his empire, and might even leave it too late. It’s like he’s just dipping his toes in the pool, never deciding to take a deep breath and jump in. Harry is wasting valuable swimming time.

Patrick is 23 too. He quits his job to start a tutorial based website. He has no savings, his only investment will be his time and a bit of knowledge of the internet. He makes tiny chunks of money but nothing that could support himself. Patrick might have to eat a few pot noodles, borrow money, hey he might even have to move back in with his parents, but the point is, he isn’t wasting his time in a nine to five. Patrick is learning all the time, and even when he fails he learns valuable lessons. Those lessons will always have to be learned, and the hardships will always be endured whether he takes the plunge at 23 or 43. Eventually Patrick makes it big. The truth is you can always find an excuse not to chase your passion, and it’s usually a financial excuse, but if you look at life from this angle there will never be a good time to do it. Whilst Harry is wasting his time dipping his toes in the pool, Patrick dives straight in and gets swimming, even if he does bump his head on the way down, he still gets swimming a hell of a lot quicker.

It is true, you can always always always make more money, but nobody has a magic stopwatch. People are often scared to quit their job, even if it’s what they want to do more than anything in the world, just because their nine to five makes them feel safe. Trust me, the last thing your nine to five is giving you is safety, and if you think it is then you’re falling more and more into a trap every day. Dive in and stop wasting your life doing something you hate, your time is more valuable than the contents of your wallet.

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